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These historic photos of Columbia, AL chronicle the storied past of our proud river town in southeast Alabama. Columbia rests on the banks of the Chattahoochee River and presents a collage of sights, sounds and people rich in their heritage and willing to tell their story.  Before your next visit to Columbia, please take time to enjoy a visual walk through our photo gallery below.


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Street scene in Columbia

Will Armstrong of Columbia in buggy.

Yoke of Oxen pulling a wagon in Columbia.

Columbia drug store ca. 1900.

Street scene in Columbia in 1920s.

"Sally," statue at main intersection in Columbia.

Yoke of oxen, smarter than residents, standing in the shade in Columbia.

Rogers farmhouse at Williams' Station near Columbia

J. B. Taylor family home on Washington St. in Columbia.  Photo taken on Dec. 13, 1934 as part of the Historic American Building Record, a WPA project to employ architects and photographers during the Depression.

Home of Dr. and Mrs. Clarence Lee Conner Atkinson on North main, Columbia.

North Main Street, Columbia, AL 1909

Columbia Bridge

Porch of Purcell-Killingsworth House, now the Garden Path Inn

Purcell-Killingsworth House, now the Garden Path Inn

Columbia Methodist Church

Mabel and Euffie Weems, first graduates of Columbia Colored School in 1941.  Photo from Dorothy Brown of Dothan.

Dr. John Fletcher Yarborough's sanitarium in Columbia, built in 1915 to treat pellagra.

Columbia Baptist Church as it appeared ca. 1884.

Columbia Presbyterian Church, from a postcard.

Karl Oakley of Columbia, eight years old, ca. 1890.

1905 Methodist picnic at Woods Mill near Columbia.

1896 image of a group at what is now Omussee Creek Park near Columbia.  identified on far right is W. L. Lee, talking with Ellen Thomas.  The two later wed.

1902 photograph of an outing to Blewitt's Mill.  Pictured L-to-R, front = Walt Bowden and Bert Myers; rear row = Clarkie Purcell Crapps, Thornie Beach, Fannie Thompson, Charlie Freeman, Annie Wood Bowden, Minnie Yarborough, Colbert McGriff.

Group at the fish trap at Blewitt's Mill, Thanksgiving Day, 1895.  man in the center, facing the camera is Samuel Murphy Dunwoody.

Group of guys hanging around "Sally."  The statue is named for the Salmagundi Club, a women's club of Columbia which paid for the statue.

Horse Race in Columbia - July 4, 1906.

Outing at the old Columbia cotton factory.

The Columbia "Owl Club" which gathered in the drugstore for social activities, ca. 1898.  Officers, possibly pictured, included Wood Beach, pres; Colbert McGriff, VP; Lee McGriff, sect.; York McGriff, treas; Y. Conner, Ways & Means.

Cars on South Main, Columbia

Members of the Weems family at the Smith Grocery, ca. 1953.  L-R:  Margaret Weems, Charlie Weems, William Weems White (child), Monroe "Uncle Pike" Weems, Lige Weems, and Ruby Weems.  Photo from Dorothy Brown of Dothan.

Big Day Columbia 1914

First House in Columbia

Mill Dam

Columbia Band

Woods Mill


Flood Damage

Woman on Roof During Flood

1928 Flood

Columbia Depot on South Koonce Street. Built in 1889 and demolished in the 1960s.

Columbia Depot on South Koonce Street, view from the bottom of the hill. 

Current Columbia Depot, originally the Gordon, Al depot  it was purchased by the Columbia Historical Society. It was renovated and moved to Columbia. 

Abbeville Road

Baptizing Grounds
The school bell from the old elementary school

Toll Bridge

Columbia Institute

Columbia Downtown, 1920s

Cotton Mill


Bates Hyrdro-Power Plant near Kelso in the 1920s

Bates Hyrdro-Power Plant near Kelso in the 1920s, sideview.

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